Under the red umbrellas, There is RAPE

For too many years, we, survivors of porn and prostitution, have been excluded from feminist struggles because we fight against the system that used to exploit us.

In France, the Red Umbrella fund claims the full decriminalization of “sex” buying and pimping. During feminist protests, their members harass, assault and beat up women victims of sexual exploitation. Every year, pimps and their allies are making sure to enforce our exclusion, by violently attacking us. On march 8, 2020, two survivors of our collective were kicked, punched in the face and ended up in the ER. The following years were marked by insults, bullying, threats and physical violence – to the point of biting us in the face.

We should not forget that the former president of the international Red Umbrella fund was convicted of pimping and human trafficking. Let’s also remember that the STRASS (a french union of “sex work”), Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World, a humanitarian organisation) and the Planning Familial (the french Planned Parenthood), submitted in 2018 a request, ultimately examined by the Conseil Constitutionnel – the highest constitutional authority in France – to grant impunity to men buying “sex”, even from minors. Under the guise of “entrepreneurial freedom” and “contractual freedom”, they obviously positioned themselves against the abolitionist legislation, adopted in 2016.

Hiding behind the terms “sex work”, they attempt to politically impose their view of prostitution as a labor – going as far as to infiltrate the City Hall of Paris, which welcomes these exploiters with open arms…
For us survivors, each “client” represents a paid rape. Our average life expectancy is 40 years. Prostitution is slavery. It will never be a job. More than 90% of people in prostitution are foreigners, victims of child sexual abuse and incest. We are experiencing extreme trauma : women victims of prostitution show the same level of brain damage as victims of torture.

And so today, march 8, 2023, alongside the collective SCUM, we say STOP. Living in an abolitionist country, we demand the dissolution of all the organisations of pimps !

For under the red umbrellas, there is RAPE. Money will never erase our rapes.

Collectif CAPP, Activist group of prostitution and porn survivor.
Collectif SCUM

CAPP is looking for any type of financing to continue to carry out its activity or even develop it.

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Publié par CAPP_radfem

Collectif de survivantes de la porno prostitution et de féministes radicales.

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